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I spent up to 330am talking to one of the IT dude that I usually speak to in america when we have a problem in store. It was so much fun. I wish I had that in real life. Sigh.

so my friend just decided that he cant come to my 21st birthday party and i am not okay with this. sometimes i feel like i’ve put in so much effort into friendships and i just dont get anything in return and i hate that.

24. August 2014

I had a 21st last night, a 21st this arvo. a 21st tonight. 2 services tomorrow. and an essay and speech due on monday. and the speech to be memorised and presented on tuesday. at 925am. great.

I just have so much to do but im reading
Life is so busy but just read and escape reality ha

I have decided on my 21st and im actually quite happy. So im gonna celebrate by reading my book and sleeping in yay :)
In other news, robin williams passed away and its just so sad becauae people think by committing suicide they escape but actually they dont and … just of course they would rather be here than where they are now I guess :/

12. August 2014

So we sold our house today. And im really attached to this house and im not okay with this. But my parents are happy about it because it releases them from multiple financial strains and i get it. But I just hate the fact that we are even in this situation that we have to sell off our house to help the church finance. Its so annoying and im really not happy about that more.

But I guess thats just how life is. And I dont know how I feel about it. I feel stupid for crying over my house. But its my house. And its our house.

But I guess not anymore. Im still not happy about this.

10. August 2014

I realise that some people whom I know goes on my tumblr page to see my inner thoughts… i try to hide it from people i know. I get is its a public page. But dont think I dont know who YOU are. Yes you. I know who you are. But really.. my life is not that interesting.

Im getting my wisdom teeth removed today. ALL 4 OF THEM. this is going to be fun. SO MUCH FUN.