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I havent said anything in awhile.. but basically I had my 21st party on saturday and the weather was great, food were great, my speeches were so much fun lol and my cake was mega awesomeeeeeee. Im so thankful to everybody in my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Life is good. GOD IS GOOD. Up till today ive been on this high and I like it. But I have a test tomorrow so I better get up from my bed and start memorising this vocab :(

Its only been 4 days… but feels like 4 months since I havent interacted with the dude. Why should I feel sad. I know I did the right thing and that I am doing the right thing and that he too is doing the right thing and so why just why does it feel like crap.

I turned 21 today. (yesterday really - its past 12am) and it was an ordinary day. except i cant help but feel just a little sad about helpdesk still. but its a new start! and i have amazing friends who wished me at midnight and it was heaps fun. and I did have a good day. I just wished this little sadness would leave. but thats just life and im gonna leave it at that. 

tomorrow its time to hit the books again and do my assignments! hopefully the new 21 year old me will be alot smarter and make better decisions in life.